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Rapping for over a decade now, Stan began his career as one of the founding members of Nottingham based Grime crew, NG Cartel, alongside DJ Bad Boy T and General, later adding members Wariko, M.D and S Double. 



In a time before the emergence of YouTube and social media, NG Cartel achieved great recognition up and down the country, performing sets on Unique FM and featuring on many different radio stations including the BBC Asian Network and the then brand-new station, BBC Radio 1Xtra.  Stan and NG Cartel went on to work with some of London’s finest, including Bruza, Shady, Nappa, High Estates, N.A.S.T.Y Crew, Wretch 32 and many more.



In 2005, Stan released his solo Grime CD, ‘The Boy Wonder Mixtape’.  The mixtape was a classic, taking Nottingham and the Midlands by storm.  Stan’s storytelling and thought provoking lyrics on experimental Grime instrumentals were at the time, pioneering.  Thousands of copies of The Boy Wonder Mixtape circulated the streets for years and even now, almost 10 years later, people still talk about it, often quoting lyrics from their favourite tracks.


After conquering Grime and maturing as an artist, Stan focused his attentions on his first love, Hip Hop.  Working at many studios throughout Nottingham, Stan recorded Hip Hop collaboration Mixtape ‘The Link Up’ at Tight Grip Studios.  The Link Up brought together two inner-city communities and was a positive project for Stan and an example of his versatility and positive networking.


After getting a great response from the fans, Stan continued to write Hip Hop and resumed working with NG Cartel, now with new additions; DJ Rob Steels, Limzy, J. Littles and Humble.  They went on to release the ‘Still On It’ trilogy, turning many heads and gaining new fans all over the country.  Stan and Humble later teamed up to release the ‘Boy Wonder, Humble Hustler’ mixtape, another Nottingham classic.


By now a well-established artist in Nottingham, Stan persisted to deliver for his fans.  He released the mixtapes ‘Ready For the Road Again’ and ‘Growing Problems’.  Ready for the Road Again cemented Stan’s place as one of Nottingham’s best on the Hip Hop scene and Growing Problems, his last farewell to the Grime scene, was a great throwback to the ‘Boy Wonder’ days.


After NG Cartel amicably went their separate ways, Stan formed his own movement, Crook Education, releasing the ‘Crook Education’ mixtape featuring Semi and Kidd shortly after.  Now working with Nottingham’s finest producers including, DJ Fever, Elementz, Ill Mana, Mr V and more Stan continues to grow.


In 2014, Stan’s biggest project to date, his album ‘Rap Lessons’, propelled him to achieve national recognition as BBC Introducing’s ‘Artist of the Week’ (August 4-11).  Stan’s track ‘Suttin’ Good’ produced by DJ Fever was championed daily on BBC Radio by household names such as Trevor Nelson, DJ Target, MistaJam and more.  In August, 2014, Rap Lessons was released globally to great acclaim and after getting his time in the limelight, it will take a lot to move Stan out.

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