Clash Money - Market Barz 2: Black Josh

After the success of Market Barz - Oshea vs Matter, we are more than happy to announce we will be back @ The Market Bar for round 2, but this time we have a lot more in store... Headline Act Black Josh (Levelz//Blah Records) Also Performing... Snowy - 0115 Mob Main Event Battle Ty Healy vs Pamflit J-Mic vs Dezza Earlybird vs Motormouf Black Josh [Levelz//Blah Records] Considered by many to be one of the most electrifying hip-hop artists to emerge from the cold shores of the UK, BLACK JOSH continues to impress, shock and bemuse in equal measure. He’s been on it since early, forming his rap crew APE CULT at 17, which has garnered much kudos in Manchester and beyond for their fearless and theatrical live performances; and then brought himself to the attention of an older generation with his collaboration with hip-hop funk-maestros “The Mouse Outfit”, with “Air-Max” and their most popular tune “Sit Back” which has now had in excess of 750,000 views on Youtube. Next step was joining the church BLAH RECORDS – the high priest Lee Scott having been a hero of a young Black Josh at school. His debut album#blahblahblackjosh is a modern-classic, with many of the cuts being made into videos with 10s of 1000s of views; and demonstrating an artist with adeptness across a range of tempos and styles. At around the same time he was asked to join the LEVELZ crew – a Mancunian super-collective of MCs, Producers and creatives. Touring with them across the UK has created more than his fair share of memories on and off the stage, and he has been embraced by the elder members, recognised as the prodigious talent he is. With bags of plans and releases in the pipe-line, and a hunger and maturity (at certain times anyway) that belie his age, the world is going to be hearing plenty more about Black Josh. Ty Healy vs Pamflit The champion of Clash Money Ty Healy steps up for his last ever battle! This will be his biggest match up yet taking on an absolute veteran in the Battle Rap world.....Pamflit. Pamflit is a verteran in the UK Battle Rap scene, having racked over two and a half million views on Youtube, from battling the likes of Blizzard, Mark Grist, Oshea, The Calcium Kid, Eurgh, Harry Baker & lots more, not to mention his last Notts appearance battling our very own Bru-C at Dont Flop Nottingham 2014 . Ty Healy will be his 75th battle and hopefully one to remember. Snowy

Coming from Nottingham, Snowy have been one of the more prominent figures of the Nottingham Grime scene throughout it’s growth over the last 4-5 years. Starting out in youth clubs with fellow MCs, he has gone from strength to strength and is now known as one of the scene leaders for Grime within Nottingham and as one of the best youngers in the country. 0115 Mob The collective have had 3 hit tracks and have quickly risen to become one of Nottingham's best new music collectives. 0115 MOB have had a combined 30,000 views on YouTube and SoundCloud so far, having only 6 songs dropped. We are all looking forward to their Clash Money debut. Early Bird (MPC) Vs Motormouf (Loop Pedal) After 2 massive performances at Clash Money, Earlybird returns to the stage with his MPC skills, but this time for a clash in sound that has never been done before!! Taking on local favorite Motormouf who has being smashing it recently with his Loop Pedalling medalling!! This is not one to be missed!! J-Mic vs Dezza J-Mic & Dezza have both been around on the Notts scene from back in the day, now they both step up for a Accapela Rap Battle, #BARFEST More TBA Stay in touch: Twitter: @CLASHMONEYUK Facebook: CLASH MONEY BATTLES

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