Clash Money - Bardega


Catch Stan Crook Ed, Littles and more of Nottingham's best performing at Clash Money - Bardega this Saturday 28th November at The Bodega Social, Nottingham.

The main event sees Nottingham veteran Wariko (featured on upcoming Iliad Music releases) return to the stage to clash Leeds battle-rapper, Dialect.

Also, not to be missed, legendery Grime producer, Rude Kid, will be DJing.

Stan will be performing a few exclusives and fan favourites and Littles will be featured on the Nottingham Grime Cypher.

And can't forget a performance from Mez and the Nottingham Crew 1,2, before he travels to Leicester for EskiBeat.

#ClashMoney #RudeKid #Wariko #Nottingham #Bodega #Gig #Stan #CrookEducation #JLittles #HipHop #Grime

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