Iliad Music Presents...Raphael Blake

Iliad Music Presents 001: Raphael Blake


In the first of what will be a regular feature showcasing UK talent, 'Iliad Music Presents...' are proud to kick things off with the talented Spoken Word Poet and Visual Artist, Raphael Blake.

A South-East Londoner, now living in Nottingham, Raphael Blake's current 3 part mixtape release; #TheUndergrad, will be featured on Iliad Music Presents...

'1st Year - Ambition' commences this week, with tracks dropping daily on Iliad Music.


"In the world of Raphael Blake, Photographs are splinters of nonexistence that shutter speeds of nostalgia preserve between Moments Of Frame.

Graphics connect the fourth dimension to this experience where an imprisoned imagination finds asylum in the embassy of Artwork and encoded pixels.

Videos allow atmosphere to be reassembled creating an entrance into his world through your eyes to follow his Headphone Journeys, climb inside of his Diary Screen and swallow affairs through Poetic Perspectives. It’s More Than Poetry."



#IliadMusicPresents #RaphaelBlake #SpokenWord #Nottingham #TheUndergrad

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